JustArt in a Box

JustArt in a Box has been designed by qualified teachers to stir curiosity in kids and create connection.

We’ve designed these boxes to remind families how valuable and fun the tradition of making is in a busy world. Child led activities in every box will help kids switch off the screens and develop their fine motor skills through curiosity and connection. Our boxes are aimed to be enjoyed by kids aged 4-8 years old. The lessons won’t disappear with time (until it comes to eating a recipe you’ve made of course) and the kids will have something to hold onto well after the making has finished.

We’re looking forward to seeing your creations!

Boxes are $53.00 each and this includes shipping within Australia

What do you do with an Idea?

Our Easter school holiday box, ‘What do you do with an Idea?’ can be ordered now for delivery in time for the holidays.  The book by the author Kobi Yamada and Illustrator Mae Besom is available through Compendium Publishing and Communications and is the perfect book to accompany the activities in the box.

Inside contains instructions and materials to make a Decorative Crown, Paper Mache Ideas Bowl and Family Idea List. There’s also a fun recipe to create your breakfast experience a little more interesting for your creative little ones.

What do you do with an Idea?
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Subscription Boxes
53.00 every 3 months

Subscription Boxes

We are delighted to provide our new box subscription service.

We will send out a fabulous art box packed full of activities, each box will be based on a new book and will be sent out 4 times per year.

Boxes are released on week 5 of every school term

Term 1- February, Term 2 – June, Term 3 – August, Term 4 – November

You can cancel at anytime