Delivering creativity through workshops

Delivering creativity through workshops

 JustArt Australia Sydney Art Workshops

About JustArt Australia

JustArt Australia offers art workshops in Sydney led by qualified teachers providing creative and interactive sessions for students aged from 5 to 12 after school and during the school holidays.

We focus on providing the opportunity to work in both two and three dimensions across a wide range of media techniques and processes. 

Students will learn through the process of creating from observations, gaining inspiration from artists, experimenting through learning key skills and creating a final art work.

Our research based programs focus on colour, shape, line, tone, pattern and texture to develop students individual thinking, imagination, self confidence, critical thinking and collaboration.

Workshops include ceramics, drawing, painting, digital media and print-making. Students will create, become a creator and be creative through JustArt Australia workshops.

We are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to explore their creativity which now can be done with our JustArt in a Box!

JustArt in a Box

JustArt in a Box has been designed by qualified teachers to stir curiosity in kids and create connection.

We’ve designed these boxes to remind families how valuable and fun the tradition of making is in a busy world. Child led activities in every box will help kids switch off the screens and develop their fine motor skills through curiosity and connection. The lessons won’t disappear with time (until it comes to eating a recipe you’ve made of course) and the kids will have something to hold onto well after the making has finished.

The boxes will be on offer four times each year and will be released in week 5 of every term, arriving just in time for school holidays. Each box will revolve around a new theme. They’re also the perfect gift for a family member or friends with kids. We’re always on the look for new and exciting books to include in our boxes. You can expect to receive newly released books, books with an art focus, and classics found in the archives.

We’re looking forward to seeing your creations!

Our Christmas holiday box, ‘A Very Wombat Christmas’ can be ordered now for delivery in time for Christmas. The illustrated book by Lachlan Creagh is available through Hachette Publishing and is the perfect Christmas book to accompany activities in the box!

Inside contains instructions and materials to make a Christmas Wombat, A Christmas Candy Cane decoration and Twiggy Ribbon Christmas Tree decoration. There’s also a fun Christmas recipe to do with friends and some hands-on advice for creating with your little wombats.

A Very Wombat Christmas
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After school Workshop

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Term 3 2018 After School  Workshop

Gelli Print.jpg

Gelli Printing

During the 8 week After School Workshops the students will be introduced to Gelli Printing.

The students will individually have a Gelli plate to use to create a mono-print, it is loads of fun!  Students will learn the steps involved with printmaking, understanding what is a positive and negative space.

We will discuss and investigate different art and artists through printmaking. They will observe how the artists created their artwork and discuss how they could use some of their printmaking techniques with their own printmaking skills. Throughout the term the students will consolidate their printmaking skills.

 They will use their printmaking skills to create an artwork.

Starting on Wednesday, August 1 2018


Boronia Park Public School

Term 4 2018 After School  Workshop

Term 4 Afterschool workshop.jpg


During the 8 week After School Workshops the students will be introduced to ceramics. The students will work with paper clay to design and construct their own bowl.  Students will learn the properties of clay from how we can have a material that is wet and sticky to then be able to eat from and pop it in the dishwasher. The bowl will be bisque fired and glazed, so we can finish our program eating out of our ceramic creations, while making festive decorations.  

 Starting on Wednesday October 24th, 2018          3:20-4:50pm

Boronia Park Public School


JustArt Incursions

Art Workshop Incursions

JustArt Australia provides incursions for centres during the school holidays. We will supply all the materials for your students to develop their artistic confidence. We can provide any of varied holiday programs for 2018.

If you would like us to customise a workshop to suit a themed day, we would be more than happy to work with your requirements.



Gelli Printing

Gelli Printmaking on Bunting

Gelli Printing has made its way to Australia! 
But what is Gelli printing?

To make a Gelli print we use a gelatin-like plate which is durable and reusable to create your own colourful prints. It’s simple and fun to use with immediate prints.

These holidays we are excited to announce JustArt Australia will be holding its first Gelli Printing workshops.

Every student will have a Gelli Plate to work individually on. We will be creating fabulous markings, focusing on layers and colour tones. The students will print onto paper bunting to be hung in their rooms as soon as they get home.

Term 2 Incursions.jpg

Pop Art

These holidays we’re excited to announce JustArt Australia will be holding Pop Art workshops.

Popularised by New York artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

We will teach students to create their own jaw-dropping personalised picture to frame. 

Mythical Creatures.png

Mythical Creatures


Have you ever wanted to create your own mythical creature?     You can! 

JustArt Australia will guide you through your creative journey to produce a truly unique creature by manipulating clay to choose your creature’s characteristics.

You will take your creation home to introduce to your family and friends.         

still life 3.jpg

Still Life

Do you want your children to express their imagination?

By joining JustArt in the school holidays, students will learn how to create their own still life picture on a canvas.

Students will experiment with colors, lines and perspective to draw and paint using watercolours their own interpretation of flowers.

Qualified Art Teacher


Art has been always around Yvette, she has been reminded time and time again, how as a child she told her family she would love to live across the road from the NSW Art Gallery.

Yvette is an educator with a Masters in Teaching and Bachelor of Visual Arts Object Art and Design from Sydney University, working in various roles for nearly 15 years in diverse institutions from early childhood through to adults in Australia and the UK.

JustArt Australia provides opportunities for families to foster creative and design thinking skills. Creativity is what gets Yvette up every morning!

JustArt Australia Teacher.jpg


Gemma graduated from Newcastle University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Primary Education and a Bachelor of Arts. She spent time teaching in Australia before heading to the United Kingdom for two and a half years to teach in London and to North Carolina on the east coast of America for two years, where she taught in an Elementary School.
After returning to Australia, Gemma took a break from teaching where she joined the corporate world to work in Human Resources for 8 years. During her time in Human Resources she rediscovered her passion to be creative and how the power of self-expression empowers individuals to be the best version of themselves.
JustArt Australia creates an opportunity for individuals to express creativity, imagination, and artful thinking whilst under the direction of qualified teachers. Being creative allows individuals to become more in tune with their inner selves and allows self expression.


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Hunters Hill Scout Hall

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Hunters Hill 

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